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One of the artists who had the greatest impact on me, and who was my most influential teacher, emphasized that people no longer know how to see paintings. In a world that has embraced immediacy and discarded deep reflection, I was driven to create works that force people to stop and consider.

Each time someone views one of my pieces, I want them to find something new, deep, and meaningful.



My pen and ink pieces can be intensely detailed, and serve as a kind of meditation for me. This intricacy is greatly inspired by my desire to introduce monumentality into my works, and heavily influenced by monuments like the now-destroyed Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan. These are works that could only be done with complete dedication and outside the realm of time constraints. This is a pure kind of art, one that creates a feeling of awe in the viewer. While limiting myself in terms of size, I hope to distill the same spiritual sense into my work.

My paintings come from a similar place, but are created through a process that is always in flux. Many artists begin a piece based off of a single moment of inspiration, and the works created in this manner are therefore a crystallization of a single past moment. My approach is more fluid, and I aim to capture constant inspiration, rather than a single burst, on my canvases.



Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and raised on Roosevelt Island in New York City, Davi Leventhal is a painter, illustrator and muralist.

Beginning his art studies at Pratt Institute and going on to study at School of Visual Arts, Cooper Union, Ringling School of Art and Design, and the Art Students League, Davi has advanced his education and techniques in a unique way. This approach has helped him to develop a focused vision and style all his own.

Working in various traditional media such as charcoal, inks, pen, watercolors, and oil paints, Davi manipulates images and their positive and negative shapes to create different worlds with both apparent and hidden images and messages. He tries to express his vision in a way that communicates his particular spirituality.

Davi has exhibited in the U.S. and Brazil.