One of the artists who had the greatest impact on me, and who was my most influential teacher, emphasized that people no longer know how to see paintings. In a world that has embraced immediacy and discarded deep reflection, I was driven to create works that force people to stop and consider.

Each time the viewer is confronted by one of my pieces, I want them to find something new, deep, and meaningful.



My pen and ink pieces can be intensely detailed, and serve as a kind of meditation for me. This intricacy is greatly inspired by my desire to introduce monumentality into my works, and heavily influenced by monuments like the now-destroyed Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan. These are works that could only be done with complete dedication and outside the realm of time constraints. This is a pure kind of art, one that creates a feeling of awe in the viewer. While limiting myself in terms of size, I hope to distill the same spiritual sense into my work.

My paintings come from a similar place, but are created through a process that is always in flux. Many artists begin a piece based off of a single moment of inspiration, and the works created in this manner are therefore a crystallization of a single past moment. My approach is more fluid, and I aim to capture constant inspiration, rather than a single burst, on my canvases.


DAYLIGHT FACTORY, pillowtalk | fine art | New York, NY

Original Sin in the Garden of Eden - ATO Collective, Mayson Gallery | New York, NY

The Astoria Arts Festival, In Bloom Collective | New York, NY
29th Annual Art Show - Regional Opened Juried Show, Ridgewood Art Institute | Ridgewood, NJ
56th Annual Sponsors Show Ridgewood Art Institute | Ridgewood, NJ

ARTTRA, Riot Art Gallery | New York, NY
Freedom of Expression, The Brazilian Endowment for the Arts | New York, NY
12th Friends of Pleiades Invitational Show, The Pleiades Gallery | New York, NY
Interpreting Colors, The Brazilian Endowment for the Arts | New York, NY


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